Catherine Clark Dowden

There is a magic to animals…

There is a magic to animals that consumes me as an artist. I am driven to capture their spirit and energy, the sheer drama of their movement. I turn to many different mediums to bring my work to life, from pencil drawings, mixed media, oils, right through to large scale painted murals on occasion.

I find art so very rewarding; it is challenging and can be frustrating at times, but the more I do, the more inspired I become. The possibilities are endless with art!

Welcome To My Website

I am so very proud of achievements so far in my art journey…..I love to share my work with others, I try to rely my feelings and reasons to why I paint what I paint.  I aspire to become a better artist with every painting I paint, as I learn so much with each brush stroke. I do hope you enjoy getting to know me, as an artist, and seeing what I am creating in my studio.

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