I had to share this beautiful pony “Flossy” …..I have copied and pasted the post Maddy put up ..melted my heart 😊🥰…….

The start of this year mum and I lost a very very special horse suddenly. She was with us for over 20 years and was basically our best friend. 😪
Nothing can ever replace her and she will never be forgotten but I wanted to do something special for mum. It’s a daily struggle without Flossy so I thought what better way then to get a memory of Flossy for her 50th. 🎉
Let’s just say there was ALOT of tears from both of us. 😭❤️
I can not thank Artwork by Catherine Clark Dowden enough for the beautiful job she did of this painting. It is perfect. It is just like flossy.
And I will forever cherish this painting whereby it hangs up on our horse wall just where she is meant to be. And I hope this brings a little bit of comfort knowing she is always with us.
May she be your guardian angel forever 🐎👼🏼

How gorgeous is that🥰🥰🥰😊🎄🎁🙌🍾 Thank you Maddy 

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