This is a painting that just amazed me !…I was looking to try something a little different and began to play with charcoal,pastel,water and pastel paper.

what happened next I’m not sure…I know I wasn’t getting anywhere and then spotted a bottle of Atelier Free Flow paint,which is runny paint for fine work! I just started seeing what would happen on pastel paper and then got the black paper out and BAM!! …this evolved!   So so happy with it!

The painting is on thick pastel paper that feels like sandpaper and measures 50cmx70cm The image I used as reference was from a lovely lady in USA called Lynn Gennrich who posted it on a Facebook page called ‘Art of Horse”. The horse is ‘Ben Hur De Bernaville’ a stunning French Boulonnais or french draft horse.

The image will be entered into the Mackay  shows ‘Art on Show’ in June 2019.

Fine Art Reproductions are available in my shop.