Catherine Clark Dowden

Portrait, Equine And Animal Artist

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This little fellow inspired me to try and capture his beautiful fluffiness ,his innocence and yet show his natural instincts…hunting!

Foxes are the most intriguing of animals , I have always been very drawn to their cunning,secretive ways and their incredible beauty and agility!.
I really wanted to capture his innocence as a cub or kit ,with his fluffiness and cuteness but also to show that his natural instinct of being always vigilant to his surrounds for food,danger or opportunity is very much there too.
The raw linen canvas lends itself beautifully to create a wonderful backdrop that doesn’t take anything away from our little Renardeau ( meaning Fox cub in French)

The stunning unmounted Fine Art Reproduction is on Sihl Masterclass 320gsm textured 100% Cotton Rag fine art paper.  This Cotton Rag has a high archival rating and is printed with 12 colour Canon Lucia EX pigment Inks and will last over 100 years without fading if displayed correctly. The image dimensions given are of the image only and does not include the 3cm wide boarder surrounding it .

If you are wanting reproductions on canvas,acrylic or metal mount please use the link below for my page on BuyArtNow website.Its an incredible site and allows you to view the artwork on your own wall, can show framing options ..etc..etc..its awesome!

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