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Portrait, Equine And Animal Artist

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Ink Series-Fox II


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The Ink Series: Fox II –SOLD(410x510mm) (16”x20”) is a mixed media painting on a stretched canvas.The painting has been framed in a very complimentary black floating frame which makes the painting just ‘pop’! The framed painting measures 45cmx55cm.

The Ink Series is a new style of work I am doing as a little bit of a breakaway from my more traditional style. It is a more creative style, using inks and other mixed media materials to create simple but colourful images. I find it very freeing as I tend to be a little pedantic in my perfectionism of image painting and using this technique you do not have control and you have to allow the materials to interact and then work with what accidentally occurs … its quite fascinating, fun and frustrating all at the same time … I just love it! … and no expectations, what happens … happens

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Dimensions 47 × 57 × 7.5 cm

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